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Marketing has gone digital. Its now more than just being found on page one on Google for a particular keyword! As important as search engine optimization is in making a website easy to find, it has been proven that it is not the end all be all. Why? Because you can have a site that ranks high on Google and still not generate substantial revenue! To survive in business your business has to be at the right digital place when the customer is ready to buy! This can easily be determined by examining facts and statistics to make good decisions about how to invest in marketing and promoting a business. A successful digital marketing plan derived from a competitive analysis of a business is one that is strategically designed to:
Reaching the right market
What are you really selling- and who is your target buyer? Its not always that obvious. Believe it!       
  • With the correct message 
Are you speaking the customers specific buying language through the use of the right keywords?
Using the right media platform
Are you digitally positioned where the customers, potential customers or leads are? 

There is a proven solution to all your marketing challenges, that would allow you to choose the return on investment on all your internet marketing efforts by increasing both the number and the quality of the people calling and coming in to your business through your website, and other digital properties relevant to you niche and business. 
Bueprinting your online marketing allows us to build out a plan of what is going to work best as far as your business marketing and promotion is concerned. As with everything els, there is no one size fits all marketing. For some business its mostly about organic search ranking, others its paid adds, Facebook marketing, Linkedin or any of the other social platforms. We will do the research and show you the low hanging fruit that is best for you.
We are a digital marketing agency comprised of a team of hardworking  Conversion Rate Optimization expects with experience in not only  web design, but SEO,  Pay Per Click, Social Media engagement, and business reviews. Seek us out if you are looking for a complete and sustained domination of your market, and do so with an incredible profit margin! 

            Why a Digital Marketing Blueprint?

  •  You know your ROI: The blueprint lays out a plan of action with the expected cost which allows the business owner to literally calculate their profits!
  • We will dig deep to get the keywords to match with your leads' online searches.
  • We offer negotiated prices depending on niche and site size.
  •  We do a detailed analysis of your competition`s Google results and use that data to not only compete with them but dominate them as well!
  • Get your site search engine optimized to stand out in such a way that Google and other search engines cannot help themselves but take notice and send you boatloads of the right kind of organic website traffic for your niche!

WanFor a rock 
For a rock solid Digital Marketing Strategy
Get a Marketing Blueprint
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Timeous Social Marketer

By Josephine Mutizwa 07 Jun, 2016
Every small to mid sized business soon or later find themselves needing to hire apartner marketing agency to help with their digital marketing. The Huffington Post has a very  well written article on what businesses need to look out for when looking to get help with raising their digital marketing game. The best way to make sure you will not be sold snake oil though is to ask for what exactly the agency is going to do for you. Yes there is a way to to not only do SEO but to find out what will bring in the ROI every business is looking for, using data that is readily available from search engines.  Ask the agency to draw up a digital marketing blueprint for YOUR business.  It will not necessarily be cheap, but it sure will show you where the money is in your market, how much you need to invest into and where exactly in your marketing efforts and most importantly what your return on investment will be!
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